5 Oct

I had a bad dream the other night.

I dreamed I was in the WMNR Music Library of The Great American Songbook. I was standing in the “Songs No One Should Ever Sing” aisle, which was one aisle over from “Singers with Undeserved Reputations” (you can tell I’m dreaming because the music is arranged by my opinions, not by alphabet), when the Fine Arts Radio music librarian (played by Billie Burke, of course) appeared in front of me. In fact she blocked my way.

“You can’t use any of this music,” she insisted.

“Why not?” I asked, becoming more exercised. (But isn’t that what my doctor has been advising me to do?)

“Your poetic license has expired,” she said. “You can’t use any of this music for your program.”

“But if I can’t use any of the Great American Songbook, what am I going to play for an hour?” I asked.

Find out how the dream ended this Saturday night at 10:00 PM. Live radio on WMNR-FM, wmnr.org

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