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PLAYLIST – HAUNTING MELODIES (Halloween Show from 2010)

30 Oct

Last night’s show was a repeat, last year’s Halloween show, because Mother Nature decided to play a major Halloween trick on everyone in the Northeast and I couldn’t get to the station. So you get a pass for not listening if your power was out; but that excuse won’t fly this weekend. (I know you’ll be resourceful.) Below is the playlist from the archive program that played.

Oh by the way, while you’re here, see the words, Thanksgiving Show, near the right-hand corner?  Click on those words and see if you want to suggest some music for my annual Thanksgiving “Music to Be Thankful For” show, coming up on November 26th. Just a thought…

I’ll have news about this Saturday’s show on Wednesday.  Stop back then or stay there, staring at your computer, if you prefer to fixate on a task. 

Song  /  Artist  /  CD or Album

  • HAUNTED HEART   /  Susannah McCorkle  /  “Hearts and Minds”
  • HALLOWEEN SPOOKS  /  Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross  /  “The Hottest New Group In Jazz”
  • GHOST OF YESTERDAY  /  Carmen McRae  /  “Bittersweet”
  • I DON’T STAND A GHOST OF A CHANCE  /  Billie Holiday  /  “Torchin’”
  • LAURA  /  Jack McDuff  /  “More Most Romantic Jazz”
  • LAURA  /  Mark Murphy  /  “Dream”
  • WITCHCRAFT  /  (Halloween Mystery Vocalist)  /  Rich Little  /  “A Little Tribute To Old Blue Eyes”
  • NATURE BOY  /  Lillie Huddleston  /  “How Long Has This Been Going On”
  • IT’S MAGIC  /  James Brown  /  “Soul On Top”
  • THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC  /  Nancy Lamott  /  “Come Rain Or Come Shine”
  • LUSH LIFE  /  Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane  /  “Johnny Hartman & John Coltrane”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (from the composer’s unreleased recordings)


29 Oct

Sorry, but this week’s Halloween show has been called on account of snow — yes, snow…in October!  

So it turns out that Mother Nature is even more sinister than the artists I was planning to feature.  

Look for news about next week’s show here on Wednesday.  


26 Oct

I hope you’re ready this week for the annual Turntable For One Halloween program — so, why do you need a hint to figure out the theme? Because, of course, it’s not that simple nor straight-forward.


All of Saturday’s featured Halloween artists are totally and entirely sinister.


So, now in the time left before Saturday, you’ll be left to your own devices to figure it out. Don’t be left in the lurch, nor left at the starting gate, because then you’ll definitely be left out in the cold.

If you think you know the answer, leave me a comment below.

Or, listen for the answer on Turntable For One, Saturday at 10:00 pm. Live radio on WMNR, Fine Arts Radio, and

And by the way…if anyone shows up Saturday night wearing the same costume I’m wearing, I’m going to be very upset.


23 Oct

An hour of “Mixed Messages,” sugar-coated snarls, ambiguous compliments, and opaquely-veiled threats. Just getting you prepped and ready for your next performance review, IRS audit, or family holiday gathering. You’ll thank me later.  

Check back Wednesday for a hint about next week’s show — PLUS news about an upcoming show that puts you in the driver’s seat. (Hope my insurance covers this.)

Talk to you next week…

  • EV’RYTHING I’VE GOT BELONGS TO YOU  /  Kristin Korb  /  “Why Can’t You Behave?”
  • I GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU VERY WELL  /  Billie Holiday  /  “Lady In Satin”
  • YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO DO MY PART  /  Mose Allison  /  “Wild Man on The Loose”
  • I LOVE THE WAY YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART  /  Delicatessen  /  “Jazz + Bossa
  • I’LL ONLY MISS HER WHEN I THINK OF HER  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “My Kind Of Broadway”
  • LOVESICK  /  Jackie and Roy  /  “Lovesick”
  • THE GENTLEMAN IS A DOPE  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan”
  • I WISH I WERE IN LOVE AGAIN  /  [mystery vocalist]  /  Antonia Bennett  /  “Natural”
  • I WISH I WERE IN LOVE AGAIN  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Stage & Screen Hits”
  • IT’S ALL RIGHT WITH ME  /  The Swingle Singers  /  “Live In New York ‘82”
  • LIVING WITHOUT YOU  /  Bill Henderson  /  “Live At The Vic”
  • I LOVE YOU BUT I DON’T LIKE YOU  /  Hetty Kate and The Irwell Street Band  /  “11:60 PM”
  • THIS CAN’T BE LOVE  /  Ian Shaw  /  “A Night At Ronnie Scott’s”
  • YOU CAN HAVE HIM  /  Nina Simone  /  “Nina At Town Hall”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  [theme music]  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (Unreleased Master)


19 Oct

Want to guess the theme for Turntable For One this week? Read the hint below.


This hint contains many obvious clues, but they’re all pretty obscure, so this is probably way too difficult to figure out. Hey – don’t be a quitter. But it’s important always to be a realist, too. Still, what’s more satisfying than finally mastering a difficult task? But you’ve seen the studies about how repeated failure leads inevitably to frustration, self-doubt, and, depression, right?

Figured out my theme yet? No? Keep at it, though it’s probably futile.

Or, listen for the answer on Turntable For One, Saturday at 10:00 pm. Live radio on WMNR, Fine Arts Radio, and


16 Oct

Nice to be back live. This week, the Great American Songbook was a banned book, but we still heard some great songs, all written by the singers themselves.

  • I LOVE BEING HERE WITH YOU / Peggy Lee / “Peggy Lee At Basin Street East”
  • HAVEN’T WE MET? / Kenny Rankin / “Silver Morning”
  • GOD BLESS THE CHILD / Billie Holiday / “The Diva Series: Billie Holiday”
  • BABE’S BLUES / Sachal Vansandani / “Hi-Fly”
  • WAIT AND SEE / The Real Group / “Unreal”
  • BORN TO BE BLUE / Mel Torme / “My Kind Of Music”
  • TIGHT / Betty Carter / “The Audience With Betty Carter”
  • CHANGE / [mystery vocalist] / Bobby Darin / “Bobby Darin born Robert Walden Cassotto”
  • YOU KNOW YOU’RE IN LOVE / Veronica Nunn / “American Lullabye”
  • EVERY NIGHT / Joe Williams / “Me and The Blues”
  • THEY OUGHTA WRITE A SONG / Halie Loren / “They Ought To Write A Song”
  • TWENTYSOMETHING / Jamie Cullum / “Twentysomething”
  • SHINY STOCKINGS / Ella Fitzgerald / “Count Basie & Ella Fitzgerald”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (theme) Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)


12 Oct

Last week’s show was a repeat from the archives, but Turntable For One will be live again this week.  The theme?   The same one I dreamed about last Wednesday before I got sick.  (Check out the blog post for Oct.  5.)

I must be on the mend because I’ve started having those dreams again.

In the latest one I’m walking down a gloomy and narrow alleyway, pushing a rusty, old shopping cart. (Note to self: next time you’re sick, take a more dream-friendly cold medicine with happier images.)

I pass a signpost that reads, “Tin Pan Alley,” so I eagerly push my cart into the nearest storefront, one with an awning that says, “The Gershwin Brothers.” 

“George, Ira, help me,” I say to the two men behind the counter. “I need songs for Saturday night.”

“Songs??” says George, looking confused. “We don’t sell songs.”

“Didn’t you see the street sign?” says Ira. “We sell tin pans.”

“Looks like you’re out of luck this week,” says George, offering me a shiny skillet.

Am I out of luck? Tune in Saturday night at 10:00 to find out. Live radio on WMNR, Fine Arts Radio, and


9 Oct

Saturday’s show was called because of illness, so we played a program from last Spring.  It was interesting listening to the program from home rather than actually doing it in the studio and you’d think that, perhaps, the experience would elicit more empathy for you on my part.  But it didn’t.  

Here is the playlist from last night.

Talk to you next week.  

song/artist/CD or album

  • RUSSIAN LULLABY /  Tony Bennett  /  “Bennett/Berlin”
  • CLOSE YOUR EYES  /  Susie Meissner  /  “I’m Confessin’”
  • SWEET SLUMBER  /  Jimmy Witherspoon/Jack McDuff  /  “The Blues Is Now”
  • LULLABY OF THE LEAVES  /  Connie Evingson  /  “Gypsy In My Soul”
  •  ST JUDY’S COMET  /  Paul Simon  /  “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”
  • LULLABY IN RHYTHM  /  Francien van Tuinen  “Cool Voice”
  • HIT THE ROAD TO DREAMLAND  /  mystery vocalist  /  Tony Perkins  /  “On A Rainy Afternoon”
  • SLEEP WARM  /  Kenny Rankin  /  “Sleep Warm”
  • TODOS OS DIAS  /  Delicatessen  /  “Jazz + Bossa
  • IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS   /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Sinatra’s Sinatra”
  • GOODNITE  /  Melody Gardot  /  “Worrisome Heart”
  • WONDERFUL BABY  /  Don McClean
  • DREAM  /  Joanie Sommers  /  “Dream”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (theme)  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (Unreleased Master)

Due to circumstances beyond my control…

8 Oct

Turntable For One will be a re-run tonight, a show from last Spring.  Sorry to say,  this cold I’m fighting is going to win this round.

However, look on the bright side: this will give you another week to puzzle over this week’s hint; or another week for me to have some different dreams.

Cough at you next week…


5 Oct

I had a bad dream the other night.

I dreamed I was in the WMNR Music Library of The Great American Songbook. I was standing in the “Songs No One Should Ever Sing” aisle, which was one aisle over from “Singers with Undeserved Reputations” (you can tell I’m dreaming because the music is arranged by my opinions, not by alphabet), when the Fine Arts Radio music librarian (played by Billie Burke, of course) appeared in front of me. In fact she blocked my way.

“You can’t use any of this music,” she insisted.

“Why not?” I asked, becoming more exercised. (But isn’t that what my doctor has been advising me to do?)

“Your poetic license has expired,” she said. “You can’t use any of this music for your program.”

“But if I can’t use any of the Great American Songbook, what am I going to play for an hour?” I asked.

Find out how the dream ended this Saturday night at 10:00 PM. Live radio on WMNR-FM,