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28 Aug

Here we go again!  

You remember how this works, don’t you? I give you a hint about the show’s theme every Wednesday and then you spend the next 3 days puzzling and parsing, discerning and dissecting my intentionally vague and misleading clue. The suspense builds to a fever pitch (or maybe a knuckleball) until, finally, 10:00 PM Saturday night comes and the theme is revealed in the first minute of the program. The relief is palpable.  

So, are you ready? Here goes:


What are the three words kids hate the most?

Okay. Start puzzling and parsing, discerning and dissecting, and I’ll talk to you Saturday night at 10:00 (E.S.T.)

Turntable For One   Jazz Vocals and Live Radio

Saturday Night   10:00 PM  WMNR Fine Arts Radio and


21 Aug

August 31st at 10:00 PM. Is this date circled on your calendar? Great. I hope you’ve circled it to remind yourself to listen to the season premiere of Turntable For One and not for all of the other reasons you might have for circling that date on your calendar.  (Spare me the details!)

I’m coming back with another hour of all of the features you’ve come to expect from Turntable For One  — baseless allegations, careless innuendo, and unwarranted character assassinations — Oh, wait, that’s C-SPAN.  My bad. What I meant was, listen to Turntable For One for a brand new season of quirky musical themes, great jazz vocals, and a weekly mystery vocalist.  

What will I choose for the theme of the first show of the season? Look for a hint here next Wednesday. And tune in  on August 31st at 10:00 PM (E.S.T.)

Turntable For One   Live Radio and Jazz Vocals

Saturday Night   10:00 PM  WMNR Fine Arts Radio and streaming on


10 Aug

Saturday, August 31 at 10:00 PM (E.S.T.) Turntable For One returns for a new season bursting with exciting new singers, provocative new themes, and (you supply the adjective of your choice  ___________) new mystery vocalists. I can’t wait!

I’ve also been trying to think of new ways to get more people to listen to Turntable For One. Lots of people have been telling me to post photos of my junk because everyone is doing it and it’s a great way to get attention.

photo (5)

Gotta say, I’m not sure why people are interested in stuff in my basement, but there you go.

Watch this space for more news about the season premiere of Turntable For One and I’ll talk to you on August 31st!

Turntable For One  Live Radio And Jazz Vocals

Saturday Night   10:00 PM  WMNR Fine Arts Radio &