12 Oct

Last week’s show was a repeat from the archives, but Turntable For One will be live again this week.  The theme?   The same one I dreamed about last Wednesday before I got sick.  (Check out the blog post for Oct.  5.)

I must be on the mend because I’ve started having those dreams again.

In the latest one I’m walking down a gloomy and narrow alleyway, pushing a rusty, old shopping cart. (Note to self: next time you’re sick, take a more dream-friendly cold medicine with happier images.)

I pass a signpost that reads, “Tin Pan Alley,” so I eagerly push my cart into the nearest storefront, one with an awning that says, “The Gershwin Brothers.” 

“George, Ira, help me,” I say to the two men behind the counter. “I need songs for Saturday night.”

“Songs??” says George, looking confused. “We don’t sell songs.”

“Didn’t you see the street sign?” says Ira. “We sell tin pans.”

“Looks like you’re out of luck this week,” says George, offering me a shiny skillet.

Am I out of luck? Tune in Saturday night at 10:00 to find out. Live radio on WMNR, Fine Arts Radio, and wmnr.org

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