4 Apr

Ever wondered what Turntable For One would sound like if the host were cool, calm, and collected? You have? Really? Well, putting aside the fact that now my feelings are hurt, I have some good news for you. Your wondering days are over. Will Duchon, host of Friday Evening Classics and The Night Cafe, Fridays on WMNR, has been kind enough to agree to host Turntable For One this Saturday night while I take the weekend off to renew my poetic license. You like great jazz vocals? You like a host who’s knowledgeable and personable? Don’t get used to it. I’ll be back in a week. Will has chosen a musical theme for the show. Want a hint?


What can be killed if you have too much of it, but can’t be replaced if you run out of it?

For the musical answer, and an hour of great jazz vocals, join Will Duchon this week on Turntable For One.  And I’ll talk to you next week.

Turntable For One   Saturday night   10:00 PM   Live radio on WMNR, Fine Arts Radio, and wmnr.org


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