28 Aug

Here we go again!  

You remember how this works, don’t you? I give you a hint about the show’s theme every Wednesday and then you spend the next 3 days puzzling and parsing, discerning and dissecting my intentionally vague and misleading clue. The suspense builds to a fever pitch (or maybe a knuckleball) until, finally, 10:00 PM Saturday night comes and the theme is revealed in the first minute of the program. The relief is palpable.  

So, are you ready? Here goes:


What are the three words kids hate the most?

Okay. Start puzzling and parsing, discerning and dissecting, and I’ll talk to you Saturday night at 10:00 (E.S.T.)

Turntable For One   Jazz Vocals and Live Radio

Saturday Night   10:00 PM  WMNR Fine Arts Radio and wmnr.org

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