HINT FOR THIS SATURDAY NIGHT’S THEME (5.23.15) #jazz #jazzvocals #jazzradio #prx

20 May


During past seasons I’ve presented musical tributes to the Prepositional Phrase, the Conditional Tense, and the Subordinate Clause, all in my effort to leave no audience behind. You might ask, Did these programs raise the literacy bar or did they just send more people to The Literacy Bar, which is probably a bar somewhere in San Diego? You might also ask, Isn’t it, in fact, impossible to have a “race to the top” when you’re trying to “level the playing field?” (B.T.W., if you’re so full of questions and queries, maybe you should think about getting your own blog and stop interrupting mine.) Am I ready to give up, to admit final defeat to all the forces dealing daily death blows to correct grammar? Uh, maybe not!

Turntable For One   Jazz Vocals and Live Radio

Saturday Nights   10:00 PM (E.S.T.)

WMNR FIne Arts Radio and streaming on wmnr.org


Incidentally, did you know there is a new Turntable For One podcast posted on PRX, the Public Radio Exchange? Do you really want to be the last person on earth to listen to it? I didn’t think so. Click the link below


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