HINT FOR THIS SATURDAY NIGHT’S MUSICAL THEME (1.30.16) #jazz #jazzvocals #jazzradio

27 Jan


I haven’t been in the studio for several week, but I’ll be making my triumphant return to live radio this Saturday night…unless the radio station changed the locks so my key doesn’t work.


Mistakes – we all make them. Regrets – we all have them. Do-overs – sometimes we get them. What does this have to do with this week’s musical theme? Absolutely everything!

Turntable For One   Jazz Vocals and Live Radio!

Saturday Nights   9:00-11:00 PM  (E.S.T.)  (GMT-5)

WMNR Fine Arts Radio and streaming on wmnr.org

Don’t forget: You never have to be without Turntable For One (This is true whether or not you find comfort in it.). Click the link below and start to enjoy a Turntable For One podcast on PRX, The Public Radio Exchange. 



Want to see what goes on at my radio station when the music is playing? Click the link below to see the shocking video. 


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