4 Dec

Here’s last night’s Playlist.

By the way: Congratulations to COS for your comment on the blog this week and for your correct guess of the theme. (See the comment under this week’s hint.) Sorry I couldn’t work the Carmen McRae song you suggested into the playlist, but its title duplicates the current working title of my memoirs.

This Wednesday, a new clue. Talk to you next week.

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD or Album Title

  • I GOT LOST IN HER ARMS / Janis Mann / “Blow Away”
  • I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT LOVE / Nat Cole / “Night Lights”
  • YOU CAN’T LOSE A BROKEN HEART / Lisa Maxwell / “Happy”
  • LOSING MY MIND / Bernadette Peters / “Follies Cast Recording”
  • I FOUND A NEW BABY / The Real Group / “Live In Stockholm”
  • YOU FORGOT YOUR GLOVES / Carole Simpson / “All About Carole”
  • WHERE ARE MY KEYS? / Lorraine Feather / “Language”
  • WHEN I LOST YOU / [mystery vocalist] / Johnny Tilotson / “You’re The Reason”
  • WHEN I LOST YOU / Tony Bennett / “Bennett – Berlin”
  • PERDIDO / Cleo Laine / “Cleo Laine at Carnegie Hall”
  • BLAME IT ON MY YOUTH / Jamie Cullum / “Twentysomething”
  • JUST IN TIME / Shirley Horn / “I Love You Paris”
  • LOST IN THE STARS / Sheila Jordan / “From The Heart”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / [theme] / Cody Owen Stine / (Unrelased Recording)

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