2 Aug

Summer vacation for Turntable For One is almost over. To prepare for the new season of live shows, I’ve been sequestered at my secret and undisclosed training center, hard at work in a strenuous routine of jogging my memory, jumping to conclusions, stretching credulity, exercising questionable judgment, and lifting words out of context.  I should be ready for the new season, which begins September 1st, by the way. 

I’ve also been listening to some interesting music you may want to check out. 

Frank D’Rone – Double Exposure — it sounds like it should be the title of a George Michaels CD, but it’s the latest CD from a veteran singer/guitarist, one of my favorites for a lot of years. Even at age 80 he still sets standards for how to swing and how to infuse ballads with both meaning and melodic invention. 

Connie Evingson – Sweet Happy Life, the lyrics of Norman Gimbel — This is an eclectic collection of songs, everything from The Girl From Ipanema to Bluesette to Watch What Happens to Canadian Sunset. Gimbel wrote with many composers. The constant here is Connie with her silken voice and alway-thoughtful musical embellishments.

Mark Winkler – A clever West Coast singer and songwriter with an equal appreciation for jazz, irony, and humor – with a dash of self-deprecation. He sings some classics, but his own songs can really get to the heart of a story and a character. His latest CD is Sweet Spot, but take a listen to Till I Get It Right, too.

Rebecca Sullivan – This Way, This Time — She’s young, she’s new, she’s quite different, and I’m eager to hear how she develops. Her voice isn’t exactly jazz, so her skill at improvising comes as an endearing surprise. She plucks the ten songs on this CD from many different trees, but with consistent charm. 

That’s some of the stuff I’ve been listening to as I start to put the September shows together.What have you been listening to? Let me know. 

I’ll talk to you later. 

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