13 Oct

This week, as another in a series of uncalled for public services, I tried to warn you about a musical danger which is as rampant as it is clever – Anthropomorphism in the Great American Songbook. Don’t try to thank me — just doing my job. Okay, I changed my mind. Go ahead, try to thank me.

Here’s the playlist of the examples I chose.

Talk to you next week.


SONG TITLE / Artist / CD Or Album Title

  • TALK TO THE ANIMALS / Bobby Darin / “If I Were A Carpenter”
  • STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT / Carmen McRae / “Velvet Soul”
  • THREE BEARS / Mark Winkler / “Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup”
  • WITH A SONG IN MY HEART / Fay Claasson / “With A Song In My Heart”
  • I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEART / Tony Bennett / “Jazz”
  • IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN / Judy Wexler / “Dreams And Shadows”
  • SKYLARK / (Mystery Vocalist) / The Nutty Squirrels / “Bird Watching”
  • SKYLARK / Real Group / “Unreal”
  • OLD DEVIL MOON / Frank Sinatra Jr. / “As I Remember It”
  • THEN I’LL BE TIRED OF YOU / Peggy Lee / “Riding High”
  • COTTON TAIL / Maude Hixson / (Promo CD)
  • THE DUCK / Emilie-Claire Barlow / “The Very Thought Of You”
  • BLACKBIRD / Kenny Rankin / “Silver Morning”
  • OLD MAN RIVER / Bela Karoli / “Furnished Rooms”
  • TIME YOU OLD GYPSY MAN / Julius LaRosa / “It’s A Wrap”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)



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