21 Oct

I ain’t got nothing but the blues this week.

Check out the blog on Wednesday for a hint about next Saturday’s show.

Talk to you next week.

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD or Album Title

  • ALL BLUES / Chet Baker/Rachel Gould / ‘Round Midnight”
  • MOOD INDIGO / Frank Sinatra / “In The Wee Small Hours”
  • ST. LOUIS BLUES / Peggy Lee / “Blues Cross Country”
  • EVERY DAY I HAVE THE BLUES / Joe Williams/Count Basie / “At The Americana Hotel”
  • EVERY OTHER DAY I HAVE THE BLUES / Dave Tull / “I Just Want To Get Paid”
  • ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT / Real Group / “Live In Stockholm”
  • BASIN STREET BLUES / (Mystery Vocalist0 / Anthony Newley / “Tony”
  • BILLIE’S BLUES / Billie Holiday / “The Essential Billie Holiday Carnegie Hall Concert”
  • BILLY’S BLUES / Laura Nyro / “The First Songs”
  • TIMES ARE GETTING TOUGHER THAN TOUGH / Jimmy Witherspoon / “Live At The Renaissance”
  • TODAY I SING THE BLUES / Melissa Stylianou / “Silent Movie”
  • THE MEANING OF THE BLUES / Carmen McRae / “Bittersweet”
  • NO MORE BLUES / Roberta Gambarini / “Easy To Love”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (Theme Music) / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)

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