20 Jan

I couldn’t make it into the station tonight, but, lucky you, the Archive gods picked the show “Wake-Up Calls” instead of my first choice,  “A Musical Tribute To Incisions That Don’t Heal.” Maybe next time. 

I should be back live this Saturday; check back on Wednesday for a hint about the musical theme.

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD or Album Title

  • THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE / Sue Raney /“Happiness Is A Warm Sue Raney”
  • DAYBREAK / Tony Bennett / “Here’s To The Ladies”
  • CHELSEA MORNING / Kate McGarry / “Mercy Street”
  • WAKE UP AND LIVE / Catherine Russell / “Strictly Romancin”
  • DID WE HAVE ANY FUN / Blue Harlem / “I Dare You!”
  • WHEN THE RED RED ROBBIN COMES BOB-BOB-BOBBING ALONG / Louis Armstrong / “Ambassador Satch”
  • I LIKE THE SUNRISE / Sutton Foster/ “An Evening With Sutton Foster”
  • COFFEE TIME / Natalie Cole / “Still Unforgettable”
  • GOOD MORNING BLUES / (Mystery Vocalist) / Andy Griffith /“Andy Griffith Shouts The Blues”
  • BREAKFAST ON THE MORNING TRAM / Stacey Kent /“Dreamer in Concert”
  • SOFTLY AS IN A MORNING SUNRISE / Frank Sinatra Jr. / “That Face”
  • GOOD MORNING COWBOY / Cyrille Aimee/Diego Figueiredo /“Smile”
  • GOOD MORNING HEARTACHE / Joe Williams / “Me And The Blues”
  • MORNING GLORY MORNING / Lily And Maria / “Lily And Maria”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (Theme Music) / Cody Owen Stine /(Unreleased Master)

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