14 Mar

While everyone else was moving their clocks ahead an hour, I was turning my clock back a couple of years to the program of “timely” songs I did just before Daylight Savings Time kicked in in 2019. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS  /  Monica Ramey  /  “Make Someone Happy”
  • TIME TO SMILE  /  Tony Bennett  /  “The Art Of Romance”
  • MOONLIGHT SAVINGS TIME  /  Blossom Dearie  /  “My New Celebrity Is You”
  • TIME AFTER TIME  /  Lou Watson  /  “Taking A Chance On Love”
  • SO LITTLE TIME  /  Catherine Russell  /  “Sentimental Streak”
  • I FORGET THE TIME  /  Frankie Laine  /  “Reunion In Rhythm”
  • AS TIME GOES BY  /  Ella Fitzgerald  /  “Ella In Budapest”
  • A TIME FOR LOVE  /  The Swingle Singers  /  “Mood Swings”
  • JUST IN TIME  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Marvin Gaye  /  “Live At The Copa”
  • I’M LATE  /  Ann Richards  /  “The Many Moods Of Ann Richards”
  • LONELY TIME  /  Maynard Ferguson  /  “A Message From Birdland”
  • TIME IS A FUNNY THING  /  Karrin Allyson  /  “Some Of That Sunshine”
  • TIME ON MY HANDS  /  Rose Murphy  /  “Rose Murphy”
  • BY THE TIME A GET TO PHOENIX  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Cycles”
  • SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES  /  Diane Keaton  /  “Annie Hall”
  • KILLING TIME  /  Ian Shaw  /  “A Ghost In Every Bar”
  • KILLING TIME  /  Carol Welsman  /  “Alone Together”
  • ANYTIME, ANY DAY, ANYWHERE  /  Nat King Cole  /  “Big Band Cole”
  • 11:60 PM  /  Hetty Kate & The Irwell Street String Band  /  “11:60 PM”
  • IF I COULD BE WITH YOU  /  Dinah Washington  /  “Sexy Jazz”
  • PEOPLE TIME  /  Stan Getz  /  “Yours & Mine”
  • FRENCH FRIES & CHAMPAGNE / The Hot Sardines / “French Fries & Champagne”
  • TIME AND LOVE  /  Mark Winkler  /  “The Laura Nyro Project”
  • SOME OTHER TIME  /  Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans  /  “Waltz For Debby”
  • TIME YOU OLD GYPSY  /  Julius LaRosa  /  “That’s A Wrap”
  • TIME TO GO  /  Sinne Eeg  /  “Dreams”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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