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29 Nov

Definitely one of my favorite shows every year because it gives me a chance to highlight music I’m thankful for and to salute some of my musical heroes. This year: Tony Bennett, Stephen Sondheim, and Dave Frishberg. I also invite other WMNR broadcasters (B) and some of my favorite singers (S) to give a Thanksgiving greeting, talk about and then introduce music that’s important to them. And as if that weren’t enough, because this show always falls near my birthday (this year exactly on my birthday!), it’s also “family night” at Turntable For One when my wife and son join me at the radio station to offer their banter, eye rolls, and musical selections. This year my wife, Megan, was in the studio and introduced a song written by our son, Cody and expressed our grief at the loss of Sondheim. This year our son reported in from Columbus, Ohio, his current stop as he music directs and conducts the national tour of Hadestown.

(Special Guest)  /  SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU  /  Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga  /  “Love For Sale”
  • SECRET SAFE  /  Caity Gyorgy  /  “Now Pronouncing Caity Gyorgy”
  • (Caity Gyorgy-S)  /  TIGHT  /  Betty Carter  /  “The Audience With Betty Carter”
  • (Gary Gerard-B)  /  JEEPERS CREEPERS  /  Frankie Valli  /  “A Touch Of Jazz”
  • (Cindy Carlson-B)  /  “WHAT-CHA GONNA DO WHEN THERE AIN’T NO JAZZ”  /  Rannygazoo  /  “Days Of Vine-clo & Cirrhosis”
  • (Cody Owen Stine)  /  THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME  /  Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  /  “Ella The First Lady Of Song”
  • (Megan Stine)  /  NO MAGIC  /  Blaire Reinhard  /  (Unreleased Demo)
  • (Megan Stine)  /  MOVE ON  /  Mandy Patinkin & Bernadette Peters  /  “Sunday In The Park With George”
  • (Will Duchon-B)  /  TAKE ME TO THE ALLEY  /  Gregory Porter  /  “Take Me To The Alley”
  • IF YOU NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ME  /  Greta Matassa  /  “Portrait”
  • (Greta Matassa-S)  /  PEEL ME A GRAPE  /  Blossom Dearie  /  “Winchester In Apple Blossom Time”
  • (Garret Stack-B)  /  MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD  /  Luke Bryan  /  “What Makes You Country?”
  • (Gary Fountain-B)  /  AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE  /  Glenn Close  /  “Sunset Blvd.”
  • (Fred Velardi-B)  /  AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE  /  Elaine Paige  /  “Sunset Blvd.”
  • MY FOOLISH HEART  /  Paul Jost  /  “While We Were Gone”
  • (Paul Jost-S)  /  IT’S YOU OR NO ONE  /  Frank D’Rone  /  “Falling In Love With Love”
  • (Rich Moran-B)  /  TWO FOR THE ROAD  /  Tony DeSare  /  “Want You”
  • (Dara Tucker-S)  /  STARS FELL ON ALABAMA  /  Lizz Wright  /  “Grace”
  • WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW  /  Dara Tucker  /  Dreams Of Waking”
  • LISTEN HERE  /  Dave Frishberg  /  “Dave Frishberg Classics”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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