17 Nov

If the Dalai Lama, Satchel Paige, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and David Petraeus can write their lists of Rules To Live By (and they have), why can’t I?

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD Or Album Title

  • EXPERIMENT / Tony Bennett / “Stage & Screen Hits”
  • LAUGHING AT LIFE / Etta Jones / “Doin’ What She Does Best”
  • SWINGING ON A STAR / Mark Murphy / “Ultra Lounge: Nursery Rhymes”
  • IN A MELLOW TONE / Delicatessen / “Jazz + Bossa”
  • IF I RULED THE WORLD / James Brown / “It’s A New Day – So Let A Man Come In”
  • SHALL WE DANCE / Stacey Kent / “Let Yourself Go”
  • I DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING / Mose Allison / “Mose In Your Ear”
  • I’M GONNA LIVE TILL I DIE / Queen Latifah / “Trav’lin’ Light”
  • MAKE SOMONE HAPPY / (Mystery Vocalist) / Bill Nighy / “Arthur Christmas Movie Soundtrack”
  • GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE / Lorez Alexandria / “Alexandria The Great”
  • LISTEN HERE / Dave Frishberg / “Classics”
  • DON’T BE BLUE / Veronica Nunn / “American Lullaby”
  • BEFORE YOU KNOW IT / Mary Stallings / “Dream”
  • YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE / Mark Winkler / “Till I Get It Right”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (Theme Music) / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)

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