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10 Apr

Everyone who’s been saying for years that my show is for the birds was half-right this week.  

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • LET’S DO IT  /  Ella Fitzgerald w/ London Symphony Orchestra  /  “Someone To Watch Over Me”
  • BLACKBIRD  /  Kenny Rankin  /  “Haven’t We Met?”
  • BYE BYE BLACKBIRD  /  Paula West  /  “Come What May”
  • SLEEPIN’ BEE  /  Johnny Hartman  /  “I Just Dropped By To Say Hello”
  • THE EAGLE AND ME  /  Shirley Horn  /  “Live At Vine Street”
  • STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT  /  Lyle Lovett  /  “Smile”
  • THE BUZZARD SONG  /  Miles Davis  /  “Porgy And Bess”
  • LITTLE JAZZ BIRD  /  Blossom Dearie  /  “My Gentleman Friend”
  • FLIGHT OF THE FOO BIRDS  /  The Real Group  /   “Unreal”
  • THE QUEEN BEE  /  Count Basie  /  “Basie Straight Ahead”
  • LULLABY OF BIRDLAND  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Mariah Carey  /  “The Rarities”
  • SKYLARK  /  Linda Ronstadt  /  “Lush Life”
  • ORNITHOLOGY  /  Pasquale Grasso  /  “Be-Bop!”
  • THE DUCK  /  Emilie-Claire Barlow /  “The Very Though of You”
  • POISONING PIGEONS IN THE PARK  /  Tom Lehrer  /  “An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer”
  • MY BLUE HEAVEN  /  Lucy Yeghiazaryan  /  “Blue Heaven”
  • A BIRD ON THE WIRE  /  Leonard Cohen  /  “Live Songs”
  • PENGUINS AND FOOLS  /  Hilary Gardner  /  “Drummer Composer”
  •  BE CAREFUL IT’S MY HEART  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Ring-A-Ding-Ding”
  • YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON ME  /  Delicatessen  /  “Goodnight Kiss”
  • A NIGHTINGALE SANG IN BERKELEY SQ.  /  Nat Cole & Gloria Estefan  /  “A Sentimental Christmas With Nat King Cole”
  • STRANGE MEADOWLARK  /  Dave Brubeck Quartet  /  “Time Outtakes”
  • BLACK SWAN  /  Nina Simone  /  “Nina At Carnegie Hall”
  • IMAGINATION  /  Jesse Belvin  /  “Mr. Easy”
  • OVER THE RAINBOW  /  Lorez Alexandria  /  “Alexandria The Great”
  • DOWN HERE ON THE GROUND  /  Mark Murphy w/Metropole Orchestra  /  “The Dream”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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3 Oct

Good luck, best of luck, lucky day, lucky duck, lucky dog, lucky devil, all the luck, with a little bit of luck,  lucky charm, beginners luck, just my luck – are you seeing a pattern here? I saw a musical theme.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • LUCKY BE A LADY  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Best Of Vegas”
  • LUCKY  /  Molly Johnson  /  “Lucky”
  • I’M JUST A LUCKY SO AND SO  /  Dr. John and the WDR Big Band  /  “Big Band Voodoo”
  • EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO ME  /  Samara Joy  /  “Samara Joy
  • DON’T YOU WANT TO GET LUCKY?  /  Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums  /  “Some Like It Hot”
  • MR. LUCKY  /  Buddy Rich Big Band  /  “Mercy, Mercy”
  • AIN’T THAT A KICK IN THE HEAD  /  Dean Martin  /  “Dean Martin: The Capitol Recordings”
  •  HE’S FUNNY THAT WAY  /  Delicatessen  /  “My Baby Just Cares For Me”
  • BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME  /  Lorez Alexandria  /   “Singing Songs Everyone Knows”
  • THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Anthony Perkins  /  “From My Heart”
  • LUCKY IN LOVE  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “Little Girl Blue”
  • I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING  /  Tony Bennett & Diana Krall  /  “Spotify Singles”
  • BAD LUCK  /  Dinah Washington  /  “Walkman Jazz Dinah Washington Sings The Blues”
  • BUT NOT FOR ME  /  Joe Pesci & Joey DeFrancisco  /  “Falling in Love Again”
  • CHEEK TO CHEEK  /  Ella Fitzgerald  /  “Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Songbook”
  • SWEET LORRAINE  /  Gregory Porter  /  “Nat King Cole & Me”
  • YOU ARE MY LUCKY STAR  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Petula Clark  /  “You Are My Lucky Star”
  • BLUESETTE  /  Toots Thielemans  /  “Live”
  • THAT LUCKY OLD SUN  /  k.d. Lang  /  “A Wonderful World”
  • I FALL IN LOVE TOO EASILY  /  Cormac Kenevey  /  “The Art of Dreaming”
  • BODY AND SOUL  /  Lucky Thompson  /  “Soul’s Nite Out”
  • IF I’M LUCKY  /  Melody Gardot, Charlie Haden Quartet West  /  “Sophisticated Ladies”
  • I’VE GOT BEGINNER’S LUCK  /  Pinky Winters  /  “Let’s Be Buddies”
  • YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL  /  John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman  /  “John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman”
  • TIME AFTER TIME  /  Morgana King  /  “Tender Moments”
  • LUCKY TO ME BE  /  Mark Winkler  /  “The Company I Keep”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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1 Nov

I did a live show this week if only to see if I remembered how to turn on the mic (though I’m sure there were those in the audience hoping I’d forgotten how). But my annual Halloween party is one of my favorite shows of the year because Trick or Treaters always come to the door and I get to guess their costumes and then pass out an appropriate song instead of candy. I ended the show with a reminder about setting their clocks back an hour Saturday night (hoping we don’t turn the clocks back a couple decades on Tuesday).

(Costume)  /  SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • HALLOWEEN SPOOKS  /  Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross  /  “The Hottest New Group In Jazz”
  • HAUNTED HEART  /  Susannah McCorkle  /  “Hearts & Minds”
  • (Mike Pence)  /  COME FLY WITH ME  /  Curtis Stigers & Danish Radio Big Band  /  “One More For The Road”
  • I PUT A SPELL ON YOU  /  Candace Springs  /  “The Women Who Raised Me”
  • (Joe Biden)  /  BIDIN’ MY TIME  /  Nat King Cole  /  “Let’s Face The Music & Dance”
  • SPOOKY  /  Anne Farnsworth  /  “Sealed With A Kiss”
  • DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD  /  Harry Connick  /  “Songs I Heard”
  • (RBG)  /  YOU WON’T FORGET ME  /  Melody Gardot  /  “Sunset In The Blue”
  • (Alexa)  /  CANDY  /  Dr. John  /  “In A Sentimental Mood”
  • WITCHCRAFT  /  (Mystery Vocalists)  /  Patience & Prudence  /  “The Best of Patience & Prudence”
  • WITCHCRAFT  /  Tom Rust  /  “Are We There Yet?”
  • (Kimberly Guilfoyle)  /  THE BEST IS YET TO COME  /  Lorez Alexandria  /  “Alexandria The Great”
  • OLD DEVIL MOON  /  Tony Bennett  /  “MTV Unplugged”
  • THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC  /  Rachael Price  /  “The Good Hours”
  • I DON’T STAND A GHOST OF A CHANCE  /  Alfred Hitchcock  /  “Alfred Hitchcock Presents Music To Be Murdered By”
  • (Michelle Obama)  /  WHEN I GET LOW I GET HIGH  /  Lucy Dixon  /  “Lulu’s Back in Town”
  • HUNGRY MAN (HALLOWEEN VERSION)  /  Mark Winkler  /  “I’m With You”
  • GHOST IN THE HOUSE  /  Simone Kopmajer  /  “My Favorite Songs”
  • THE HOUSE IS HAUNTED  /  Lisa Lindsley  /  “Long After Midnight”
  • (Jeffrey Toobin)  /  WITH THESE HANDS  /  Les McCann  /  “Atlantic Jazz Soul”
  • WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD  /  Holly Cole  /  “Night”
  • (Dr. Anthony Fauci)  /  I’LL BE AROUND  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “In The Wee Small Hours”
  • AUTUMN LEAVES/AND WHEN OCTOBER GOES  /  Nancy LaMott  /  “Come Rain Or Come Shine”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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20 Sep

Who wants to take a quiz? Of course you do! It’s a grammar quiz – and of course you don’t. Too bad; here it is: Present Perfect. I know – there’s nothing perfect about the present. I meant Present Perfect Tense. I know – could things get any more tense? You’re still not with me. The Present Perfect Tense describes something that began in the past and is still happening – like this interminable introduction. Present Perfect tense is formed by the word have or has followed by the past participle of a verb. For instance this introduction has shaken my trust in humanity. Which is a bit extreme, don’t you think? A better example would be all of the song titles in my playlist. Yes, it was another one of my self-indulgent and utterly futile attempts to Make Grammar Great Again (MGGA!) with a Musical Tribute to the Present Perfect Tense.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • WE’VE JUST BEGUN  /  Sinne Eeg  /  “We’ve Just Begun”
  • HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES?  /  Tony Bennett & Stan Getz  /  “Jazz”
  • I’VE GOT A LOT OF LIVING TO DO  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “Live At Rosy’s”
  • I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN  /  Frank Sinatra & Count Basie  /  “Standing Room Only”
  • I HAVE THE FEELING I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE  /  Greta Matassa  /  “Two For The Road”
  • I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE  /  Lorraine Craig & National Youth Jazz Orch.  /  “Shades of Blue & Green”
  • WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE  /  Erroll Garner  /  “Night Concert”
  • I AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ BUT THE BLUES  /  Joe Williams  /  “Ballad & Blues Master”
  • I’VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU  /  Ella Fitzgerald  /  “Ella At Zardi’s”
  • AFTER YOU’VE GONE  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Phil Collins  /  “50 Years In Music”
  • I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER  /  Lea DeLaria  /  “Play It Cool”
  • HAVEN’T WE MET?  /  Kenny Rankin  /  “Because Of You”
  • I NEVER HAS SEEN SNOW  /  Hilary Gardner & Ehud Asherie  /  “The Late Set”
  • I’VE BEEN AROUND  /  Frank Sinatra Jr. & Tierney Sutton & Pat Williams  /  “Home Suite Home”
  • I’VE FOUND A NEW BABY  /  The Real Group  /  “Live In Stockhlm”
  • I’VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE  /  Lorez Alexandria  /  “Alexandria The Great”
  • I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING  /  Kenny Washington  /  “What’s The Hurry”
  • I’VE GOT NO STRINGS  /  Gina Saputo  /  “Swingin’ On A Star”
  • I MUST HAVE BEEN BLIND  /  Tim Buckley  /  “Blue Afternoon”
  • I’VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE  /  Brad Meldau Trio  /  “Anything Goes”
  • I HAVEN’T GOT ANYTHING BETTER TO DO  /  Jackie Ryan  /  “Doozy”
  • YOU’VE CHANGED  /  George Michael  /  “Symphonica”
  • I GOT IT BAD AND THAT AIN’T GOOD  /  Heather Masse & Dick Hyman  /  “Lock My Heart”
  • I HAVE DREAMED  /  Kurt Elling & Branford Marsalis  /   “The Questions”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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26 Apr

Anybody else having bad dreams these nights? So, I’ve not been getting much sleep, but I did get a theme for this week’s show – songs about dreams and a few songs about things to dream about. Also I gave a special shout-out to Georgia for opening up its beauty salons, bowling alleys, restaurants, and tattoo parlors. I celebrated the occasion with a special Turntable For One contest: What should the tattoo say on the first person to get a new tattoo in GA. My suggestion? Do Not Resuscitate. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • IF DREAMS COME TRUE  /  Peggy Lee & George Shearing  /  “Beauty And The Beat”
  • BABY DREAM YOUR DREAM  /  Tony DeSare  /  “Want You”
  • IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN TO A DREAM  /  Carmen McRae  /  “The Ultimate Carmen McRae”
  • LET’S GET AWAY FROM IT ALL  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Come Fly With Me”
  • IN A WORLD OF MY OWN  /  Kat Edmonson  /  “Dreamers Do”
  • DEEP IN A DREAM  /  Chet Baker  /  “Stella By Starlight”
  • WRAP YOU TROUBLES IN DREAMS  /  Patrice Jegou & Take 6  /  “If It Ain’t Love”
  • ALL I DO IS DREAM OF YOU  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Richard Chamberlain  /  “Richard Chamberlain Sings”
  • LES YEUX OUVERTS  /  Emilie-Claire Barlow  /  “The Very Thought Of You”
  • DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME  /  Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie  /  “French Cooking Music”
  • BABY’S REQUEST  /  Paul McCartney  /  “Kisses On The Bottom”
  • THIS TIME THE DREAM’S ON ME  /  Naama Gheber /  “Dearly Beloved”
  • DON’T DREAM OF ANYBODY BUT ME  /  Bobby Darin  /  “This Is Darin”
  • STREET OF DREAMS  /  Lorez Alexandria  /  “Talk About Cozy”
  • DREAM OF YOU  /  The Black Market Trust  /  “Just One Of Those Things”
  • DREAMSVILLE  /  Brad Meldau Trio  /  “Anything Goes”
  • I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS  /  Diana Krall  /  “Turn Up The Quiet”
  • DANCING ON THE CEILING  /  Frank D’Rone  /  “Double Exposure”
  • DARN THAT DREAM  /  Nancy Wilson  /  “The Great American Songbook”
  • WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR  /  Gregory Porter  /  “Jazz Loves Disney”
  • I HAVE DREAMED  /  Karrin Allyson  /  “Many A New Day”
  • DAY DREAM  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Bennett Sings Ellington”
  • NEVER NEVER LAND  /  Carol Sloane  /  “Live At 30th Street”
  • DREAM  /  Joanie Sommers  /  “Dream”
  • AMERICAN TUNE  /  Paul Simon  /  “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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4 Feb

Sure, Valentine’s Day is coming up, a time to celebrate all that’s heart-warning in our lives and music. But, come on, let’s not ignore everything that’s a little cold-hearted in this music we think is so cool. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • I’M IN LOVE AGAIN  /  Marlene Ver Planck  /  “Once There Was A Moon”  
  • I WISH I WERE IN LOVE AGAIN  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “The Ultimate Sinatra) 
  • EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS  /  Kevin Mahogany  /  “My Romance” 
  • EVERYTHING I’VE GOT BELONGS TO YOU  /  Johanna Silanpaa  /  “From This Side” 
  • WANT TO TALK ABOUT YOU  / Nicolas Bearde  /  “The Fantasy Vocal Sessions” 
  • SHOW ME  /  Tierney Sutton  /  “Something Cool”
  • SHOW ME A ROSE  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Groucho Marx  /  “The Marx Brothers Greatest Hits”
  • YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO  /  Alexis Cole  /  “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” 
  • I CAN’T WAIT TO MISS YOU  /  Jack Jones  /  “Love Ballad” 
  • YOU FASCINATE ME SO  /  Ian Shaw  /  “The Theory Of Joy” 
  • YOU IRRITATE ME SO  /  Hetty Kate  /  “The Dan McLean Hot Six Meet Hetty Kate” 
  • GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE  /  Lorez Alexandria  /  “Alexandria The Great” 
  • I DON’T WANT MUCH  /  Mose Allison  /  “American Legend – Live In California” 
  • SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME  /  Ella Fitzgerald  /  “Ella With The London Symphony Orch.”   
  • BY MYSELF  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Leonard Nimoy  /  “The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy” 
  • SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN  /  Paul Jost  /  “Breaking Through” 
  • HERE’S THAT RAINY DAY  /  Stan Getz  /  “Getz For Lovers” 
  • INTO EACH LIFE  /  Andrew Distel  /  “It Only Takes Time”   
  • WHERE DO YOU START  /  Ed Reed  /  “Love Stories”   
  • I JUST WANT ALL MY STUFF  /  Chaise Lounge  /  “Dotdotdot   
  • DREAM OF YOU  /  The Black Market Trust  /  “Just One Of Those Things” 
  • DARN THAT DREAM  /  Nancy Wilson  /  “But Beautiful” 
  • I WISH YOU LOVE  /  Natalie Cole  /  “Take A Look”   
  • TOO SOON TO TELL  /  Andrew Distel  /  “It Only Takes Time” 
  • HERE’S TO LIFE  /  Eden Atwood  /  “Like Someone In Love” 
  • YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE  /  Mark Winkler  /  “Till I Get It Right”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine   

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17 Nov

If the Dalai Lama, Satchel Paige, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and David Petraeus can write their lists of Rules To Live By (and they have), why can’t I?

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD Or Album Title

  • EXPERIMENT / Tony Bennett / “Stage & Screen Hits”
  • LAUGHING AT LIFE / Etta Jones / “Doin’ What She Does Best”
  • SWINGING ON A STAR / Mark Murphy / “Ultra Lounge: Nursery Rhymes”
  • IN A MELLOW TONE / Delicatessen / “Jazz + Bossa”
  • IF I RULED THE WORLD / James Brown / “It’s A New Day – So Let A Man Come In”
  • SHALL WE DANCE / Stacey Kent / “Let Yourself Go”
  • I DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING / Mose Allison / “Mose In Your Ear”
  • I’M GONNA LIVE TILL I DIE / Queen Latifah / “Trav’lin’ Light”
  • MAKE SOMONE HAPPY / (Mystery Vocalist) / Bill Nighy / “Arthur Christmas Movie Soundtrack”
  • GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE / Lorez Alexandria / “Alexandria The Great”
  • LISTEN HERE / Dave Frishberg / “Classics”
  • DON’T BE BLUE / Veronica Nunn / “American Lullaby”
  • BEFORE YOU KNOW IT / Mary Stallings / “Dream”
  • YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE / Mark Winkler / “Till I Get It Right”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (Theme Music) / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)


16 Sep

Check your ego and superego at the door; this week’s show was all about the id — you mean, Kim Kardashian’s new book, The 7 Habits of Highly Over-rated People?  No, it’s about a dozen musical answers to the eternal question, “What do you want?” (This playlist has been updated because I made changes during the show. )

Next Wednesday, a new clue for next week’s show. 

Talk to you next week. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD or Album Title

  • I WANT TO BE HAPPY  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “The Diva Series: Sarah Vaughan”
  • I WANT TO BE AROUND  /  Tony Bennett  /  “The Ultimate Tony Bennett
  • DADDY  /  Joanie Sommers  /  “Look Out!  It’s Joanie Sommers”
  • WOULDN’T IT BE NICE  /  Rebecca Sullivan  /  “This Way, This Time”
  • I’M A FOOL TO WANT YOU  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Where Are You?”
  • I WANT TO BE A SIDEMAN  /  Connie Evingson  /  “Little Did I Dream”
  • I JUST WANT TO GET PAID  /  Dave Tull  /  “I Just Want To Get Paid”
  • I WANT TO BE LOVED BY YOU  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Sinead O’Connor  /  “Am I Not Your Girl?”
  • AFTER YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT YO DON’T WANT IT  /  Julian Yeo  /  “You And The Night”
  • MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER  /  Sophie Milman  /  “Make Someone Happy”
  • SOMETHING MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE WITH YOU  /  Nat Cole  /  “Let’s Face The Music”
  • WONDERFUL  /  Victoria Hart  /  “Whatever Happened To Romance?”
  • I WANT A LITTLE GIRL  /  Joe Williams  /  “Joe William’s Finest Hour”
  • OVER THE RAINBOW  /  Roberta Gambarini  /  “So In Love”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (Unreleased Master)

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24 Jun

So much new music, so little time. (Only two shows left in this season.) So here are some listening suggestions (mostly new CDs) for your summer break. And, yes, there will be a quiz.

Next week, the season finale. Whimper or bang? Fire or Ice? Tune in to find out.

SONG TITLE / Artist / CD or Album Title

  • AGUA DE BEBER / Connie Evingson / “Sweet Happy Life
  • IF I WERE A BELL / Stacey Kent / “Dreamer In Concert”
  • YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON ME / Delicatessen / “Goodnight Kiss”
  • DANCING ON THE CEILING / Frank D’Rone / “Double Exposure”
  • IF I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU / Melody Gardot / “The Absence”
  • BABY’S REQUEST / Paul McCartney / “Kisses On The Bottom”
  • WHAT IF / (Mystery Vocalist) / Kate Winslet / “Christmas Carol: The Movie Soundtrack”
  • MAS QUE NADA / Veronneau / “Jazz Samba Project”
  • BASSDRUMSAXBONE / Juliann Kuchocki / “Broken Compass”
  • GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE / Jamie Cullum / “Meet The Robinsons Soundtrack”
  • I’VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE / Lorez Alexandria / “Alexandria The Great”
  • BITTERSWEET / Maud Hixson / (Promo CD)
  • SMILE / Melissa Stylianou / “Silent Movie”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (Theme Music) / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Master)