3 Mar

The secret of (a happy) life for me starts with wonderful music with sometimes ironic messages, and with only the occasional,  unfortunate interruption of a woeful mystery vocalist.  See examples below…

SONG TITLE  /  Performer  /  Album or CD Title

  • GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE  /  Alice  Ricciardi  /  “Comes Love” 
  • YOU’RE NOBODY UNTIL SOMEBODY LOVES YOU  /  Sammy Davis/Count Basie  /  “Our Shining Hour”
  • TAKE LOVE EASY  /  Ella Fitzgerald/Joe Pass  /  “Take Love Easy”
  • THE RAINBOW CONNECTION  /  Bobby Scott  /  “Slowly”
  • PLAN #46  /  Rigmor Gustafsson  /  PLAN #46
  • WITH PLENTY OF MONEY & YOU  /  Tony Bennett/Count Basie  /  “Ultra Lounge”
  • SMILE  /  Melissa Stylianou  /  “Silent Movie”           
  • THAT’S LIFE  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Kate Smith  /  “The Best Of Kate Smith”
  • DEVIL MAY CARE  /  Jamie Cullum  /  “Sunday Express Vol. 1”
  • HIP TO BE HAPPY  /  Ann Hampton Callaway  /  “Blues In The Night”
  • YOUNG AT HEART  /  Joe Williams/George Shearing /  “Heart And Soul”
  • ALL OF US IN IT  /  Madeline Eastman  /  “A Quiet Thing”
  • LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF CHERRIES  /  Julian Yeo  /  “You And The Night & The Music”
  • SECRET O’ LIFE  /  James Taylor  /  “One Man Band”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (Unreleased Master)                                       

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