PLAYLIST FOR “SUMMER LISTENING ASSIGNMENTS 2015” (6.27.15) #jazz #jazzradio #doasisay

28 Jun

Even though I’ll be on a 7-week hiatus (while WMNR broadcasts live concerts from Tanglewood by the Boston Symphony Orchestra), I couldn’t go without leaving you my recommendations for great new music and great old music so that your can work on your ears while you work on your tan this summer. So, whether you’re lying on the beach, lying in bed, or lying on the campaign trail, here are a few parting suggestions for your summer listening pleasure.

I’ll be back in the Fall, but drop by here frequently because I’ll be talking about music I’m listening to while I’m on my vacation. I’d also love to hear what music you’re listening to, so leave a comment.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title


  • HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN  /  Michael Valeanu w/ Cyrille Aimee  /  “Hard To Cook”
  • DON’T BLAME ME  /  Mark Murphy  /  “Sings Mostly Dorothy Fields & Cy Coleman”
  • WALKING BY FLASHLIGHT  /  Maria Schneider Orchestra  /  “The Thompson Fields”
  • IF I HAD A QUARTER  /  Billy Brandt  /  “The Ballad Of Larry’s Neighbor”
  • I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU  /  Cassia DeMayo  /  “Heart, We Will Forget Him”
  • SIMON SMITH & HIS AMAZING DANCING BEAR  /  Mark Jennett   /  “Everybody Says Don’t”
  • LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME  /  Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm  /  “Spark”
  • GOT OVER  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Harry Belafonte/Robert Glasper  /  “Covered”
  • MY CLOCK IS TICKIN’  /  Heather Simmons  /  “I’m Old Fashioned”
  • HEY YOU WITH THE CRAZY EYES  /  Loston Harris  /  “Swingfully Yours”
  • NEVER NEVER LAND  /  Carol Sloane  /  “Live At 30th Street”
  • CLIMATE CHANGE  /  Burak Kaya  /  “Climate Change”                                          
  • AND SO TO BED  /  John Pizzarelli  /  “John Pizzarelli Salutes Johnny Mercer”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

Just because I’m not doing live shows, doesn’t mean you have to suffer through summer without Turntable For One. Through the magic of the internet, you can listen to a Turntable For One podcast on PRX, The Public Radio Exchange, anywhere, anytime your want. Time is not the boss of you! Click the link below:

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