25 Sep

Couldn’t do a live show this week. So I dipped into the archive from a few years ago. From the intro I wrote at the time, clearly the more things change, the more they stay the same…

Though there aren’t that many reasons to sing or dance these days, just to make certain we still remember what they look and sound like, I played a couple of hours of “dance” song and great singers. Now that’s my idea of dancing with the stars!

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?  /  Bette Midler  /  “The Divine Miss M”
  • COME DANCE WITH ME  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Come Dance With Me”
  • LET’S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE  /  Donna Byrne  /  “Let’s Face The Music & Dance”
  • FAST DANCE  /  Fred Astaire & Oscar Peterson  /  “Mr. Top Hat”
  • WALTZ FOR DEBBY  /  The Real Group  /  “Live In Stockholm”
  • USELESS WALTZ  /  Dave Frishberg  /  “Classics”
  • DANCING TAMBOURINE  /  Erroll Garner  /  “One World Concert”
  • MIDNIGHT AT THE STARLIGHT HAUNTED BALLROOM  /  Josie Falbo  /  “You Must Believe In Spring”
  • CHANGE PARTNERS  /  Ian Shaw  “Echoes of a Song”
  • SHALL WE DANCE  /  Lucy Dixon  /  “Lulu’s Back In Town”
  • SHALL WE DANCE  /  Loston Harris  /  “Comes Love”
  • I’M IN A DANCING MOOD  /  The Dave Brubeck Quartet  /  “Time Outtakes”
  • I LOVE THE WAY YOU DANCE  /  Ronnie Whyte  /  “Shades of Whyte”
  • CHEEK TO CHEEK  /  Annie Sellick& Joey DeFrancesco  /  “No Greater Thrill”
  • THE BEST THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU’RE DANCING  /  Kurt Elling  “This Time It’s Love”
  • DREAM DANCING  /  Mary Stallings  /  “Dream”
  • SIMON SMITH AND HIS DANCING BEAR  /  Mark Jennett  /  “Everybody Says Don’t”
  • DIG IT  /  Nellie McKay  /  “Normal As Blueberry Pie”
  • SOMETHING MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE WITH YOU  /  Nat King Cole  /  “Let’s Face the Music”
  • SO DANCO SAMBA  /  Simone Kopmajer  /  “My Wonderland”
  • JITTERBUG WALTZ  /  Michel Legrand  /  “Legrand Jazz”
  • I WAS TELLING HER ABOUT YOU  /  Freddy Cole  /  “Talk To Me”
  • WE MIGHT AS WELL DANCE  /  Madeleine Peyroux  /  “Anthem”
  • DANCING ON THE CEILING  /  Frank D’Rone  /  “Double Exposure”
  • THE LAST DANCE/DANCING IN THE DARK  /  Tierney Sutton  /  “Dancing In The Dark”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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