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26 Jan

I think this week’s theme definitively answered the question of whether there is any group I won’t suck up to in order to get them to listen to the show. But you have to admit I gave these low-lifes bragging rights over a couple hours of damn good music.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • THE BEST IS YET TO COME  /  Kenny Washington  /   “What’s The Hurry”
  • YOU’RE GONNA HEAR FROM ME  / Veronica Swift  /   “Confessions”
  • I LIKE TO LEAD WHEN I DANCE  /  Frank Sinatra  /   “Sinatra ’65”
  • EVERYTHING I’VE GOT BELONGS TO YOU  /  Nancy Lane  /   “Let Me Love You”
  • I LIKE MYSELF  /  Seth MacFarlane  /   “In Full Swing”
  • I’VE GOT JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING  /  Fleurine  /   “Meant To Be”
  • PEOPLE WILL SAY WE’RE IN LOVE  /  Ray Charles & Betty Carter  /  “Ray Charles & Betty Carter”
  • DON’T TOUCH MY BISCUITS  /  Kathy Walkup  /   “The Secret of The Song”
  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /   Ed McMahon  /   “And Me…I’m Ed McMahon”
  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD (Reprise)  /  Jimmy Durante  /   “Billy Rose’s Jumbo”   
  • THE BEST THING FOR YOU  /  Diana Krall  /   “When I Look In Your Eyes”
  • THIS IS THE LIFE  /  Freddy Cole  /   “This Is The Life”
  • FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN  /  Linda Ronstadt  /   “Lush Life”
  • MOVE TO THE OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN  /  Ray Charles & Wynton Marsalis Septet  /  “United We Swing”
  • I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER  /  Marc Pompe  /   “Monk’s Dream”
  • I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “Best Of Sarah Vaughan”
  • YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO DO MY PART  /  Mose Allison  /   “Mose In Your Ear”
  • WHEN IN ROME  /  Claire Teal  /   “Don’t Talk”
  • I CAN’T GET STARTED  /  Charles Mingus  /   “Mingus Plays Piano”
  • I CAN’T GET STARTED  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /   Merle Haggard  /   “Unforgettable Merle Haggard”
  • DO NOTHING TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME  /  Molly Johnson  /   “Because Of Billie”
  • I’VE GOT IT BAD  /  Nat Cole & George Shearing  /   “Nat King Cole Sings & George Shearing Plays”
  • PEEL ME A GRAPE  /  Lyle Lovett & Blossom Dearie
  • I’M JUST A LUCKY SO AND SO  /  Anais Reno  /   “Lovesome Thing”
  • SINCE I FELL FOR YOU  / Aaron Neville  /   “Nature Boy: The Standards Album”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /   Cody Owen Stine

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6 Sep

I kicked off my 11th season by kicking back and letting the audience do most of the work. Every song (until the last) was a request from someone out there in radioland. About half-way through the show, I started to fret that their choices were so good, maybe they don’t need me at all. Lesson: Always watch out for unintended consequences. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • FOOL IN THE RAIN (Partial)  /  Led Zeppelin  /
  • ON GREEN DOLPHIN STREET/FOOL IN THE RAIN  /  Bradford Truby Trio  /  “Bradford Truby Trio”
  • SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Tony Makes It Happen”
  • OVER THE WEEKEND  /  Dianne Reeves  /  “When You Know”
  • DETOUR AHEAD  /  Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson Trio  /  “Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson”
  • YOU’RE THE DANGEROUS TYPE  /  Bob Dorough  /  “Devil May Care”
  • SKYLARK  /  Nancy LaMott  /  “Beautiful Baby”
  • HERE’S THAT RAINY DAY  /  Kenny Rankin  /  “The Kenny Rankin Album”
  • NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE  /  Nina Simone  /  “Nina Simon & Piano”
  • ON A CLEAR DAY  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Strangers In The Night”
  • SOUTH OF THE BORDER  /  Mel Torme  /  “Ole Torme”
  • THE MAN I LOVE  /  Billie Holiday  /  “The Complete Jazz At The Philharmonic”
  • GOING CRAZY  /  The Three Haircuts  /  (Single)
  • MILESTONES  /  Miles Davis  /  “Milestones”
  • YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO  /  Jane Froman  /  “With A Song In My Heart”
  • WHAT’S GOING ON  /  Marvin Gaye  /  “What’s Going On”
  • COCKTAILS FOR TWO  /  Spike Jones  /  “Best Of”
  • MOI JE SUIS LA  /  Stephanie LaLiberte  /  “Stephanie LaLiberte”
  • THREE COINS IN A FOUNTAIN  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “The Days Of Wine & Roses…”
  • SAY IT ISN’T SO  /  Bobby Short  /  “Moments Like This”
  • A SLOW HOT WIND  /  Johnny Hartman  /  “The Voice that Is”
  • STARS FELL ON ALABAMA  /  Rita Payes & Joan Chamorro /  “Joan Chamorro Present Rita Payes”
  • IF I HAD YOU  /  Jimmy Durante  /  “Jimmy Durante’s Way Of Life”
  • EMBRACEABLE YOU  /  Herbie Hancock  /  “Gershwin’s World”
  • LIFE’S A LESSON  /  Ben Sidran  /  “Ben There Done That”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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13 Oct

I tried to get in touch with my feelings the other day but it went straight to voice mail. So I did the next best thing: I ignored my own problems and played a lot of songs about other peoples’ feelings. Do you feel me?

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD OR Album Title

  • I FEEL A SONG COMING ON  /  Chris Connor & Maynard Ferguson  /  “Two’s Company”
  • FEELIN’ GROOVY  /  Rachael MacFarlane  /  “Halley Sings”
  • YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG  /  Frank Sinatra & Charles Aznavour  /  “Duets”
  • RUNNING WILD  /  The Hot Sardines  /  “French Fries And Champagne”
  • I FEEL PRETTY  /  Sarah Vaughan  /  “Sassy Swings The Tivoli”
  • I FEEL SO SMOOCHIE  /  Kurt Elling  /  “This Time It’s Love”
  • STRANGE FEELING  /  Nancy Harms  /  “Ellington At Night”
  • THERE’S NO YOU  /  Shirley Horn  /  “Lazy Afternoon”
  • LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Bjork  /  “Debut”
  • SOMETHIN’ LIKE LOVE  /  Steven Pasquale  /  “Somethin’ Like Love”
  • I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE  /  Nora Germain & Miles Jensen  /  “Duets Volume 2”
  • FEELING GOOD  /  Nina Simone  /  “I Put A Spell On You”
  • CAN’T GET OUT OF THIS MOOD  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Tony Makes It Happen”
  • CAN’T STOP THE FEELING  /  Judith Owen  /  “Rediscovered”
  • HOW DOES IT FEEL  /  Heather Bambrick  /  “You’ll Never Know”
  • LIKE A ROLLING STONE  /  Janet Planet  /  “Janet Planet Sings The Bob Dylan Songbook”
  • THAT OLD FEELING  /  Bob Dylan  /  “Triplicate”
  • YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN  /  Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Gloria Estefan  /  “Jewels In The Crown”
  • EVER HAVE THE FEELING?  /  Jimmy Durante
  • THE FEELING OF JAZZ  /  Susannah McCorkle  /  “The People That You Never Get To Love”
  • I HAVE THE FEELING I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE  /  Tom Campbell  /  “Easy Chair Jazz”
  • IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING  /  Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz  /  “The Girl From Ipanema: The Bossa Nova Years”
  • TWO FOR THE ROAD  /  Tierney Sutton  /  “I’m With The Band”
  • JOHANNA  /  Bernadette Peters  /  “Live At Carnegie Hall”
  • SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD  /  Jimmy Scott  /  “The Source”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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