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3 Jul

The last show of the season, so for the first hour I handed out summer listening assignments and for the second hour said goodbye. I also told the audience about my summer job. Yes for the 12th summer in a row, I’ll be lurking in people’s neighborhoods. Not in a raincoat! In an ice cream truck. Here are some of the treats I’ll be offering this year:

Ice Cream Treats 2022

Johnny Depp/Amber Herd sundae. It doesn’t come in a cone or a cup. It’s just a giant scoop of Chocolate ice cream — But be careful not to dump it in the bed.

Wordle Popsicle — If you can guess the flavor in 6 tries, it’s free!

Something new: The Joe Biden Malarkey Malted  — it’s like his sainted mother always said… You can fool some of the people some of the time and that’s usually sufficient.

I’ll be featuring a huge new Banana Split  — Forty scoops of ice cream and 22 bananas.  It’s Merrick Garland’s favorite which means I bet you’ll never get to the bottom of it.  

Of course I have Rainbow Sherbet in celebration of Pride Month…

You know what absolutely vanished off my shelves this year?  The Baby formula milkshake —  Better luck next year.

Want to get in on the ground floor of a great deal?  Try my Cryptocurrency cone – a bargain at $400.  Of course by 2:00 p.m. it’ll be $1500 — and by 3:30 it’s down to $42 bucks.  Don’t forget: with every crypto cone you get a compete set of the emperor’s new clothes. 

By the way, due to supply chain issues none of the ice cream cones actually come with cones

Last but not least…

A special sundae this year — it’s my Supreme Court Supremacy Sundae. If you’re a guy  you can choose any of my 48 flavors. If you’re a woman, you don’t get a choice. So order my Supreme Court Supremacy Sundae and enjoy a trip back to the 18th century!

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • LET YOURSELF GO  /  Ella Fitzgerald  /  Ella At The Hollywood Bowl
  • YOU’LL GET YOURS  /  Seth MacFarlane  /  “Blue Skies”
  • THIS CAN’T BE LOVE  /  Lia Booth  /  “Life Can Be Beautiful”
  • PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER  /  Brenda Brown  /  “Life Among Giants”
  • OLD ENOUGH  /  Mark Winkler  /  “Late Bloomin’ Jazzman”
  • WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS  /  Carol Sloane  /  “Live At Birdland”
  • LAST REQUEST  /  Frankie Valli & Joey DeFrancesco  /  “A Touch Of Jazz”
  • DO YOU EVER   /  Katherine Kostoff  /  “It Happens Like That”
  • ORNTHOLOGY  /  Lucie Horsch  /  “Ornithology”
  • TAKE LOVE EASY  /  Alina Zalozna Quartet
  • ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE  /  Spencer Day   /  “Broadway By Day”
  • MY CARDIOLOGIST  /  Caity Gyorgy  /  “My Cardiologist”
  • HELLO, I MUST BE GOING  /  Groucho Marx  /  “Comedy Tonight”
  • WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT GOODBYE  /  Eydie Gorme  /  “An American treasure”
  • EV’RY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE  /  Ray Charles & Betty Carter  /  “Ray Charles & Betty Carter”
  • WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Jackie Wilson  /  “Body & Soul”
  • BACK HOME BLUES  /  Charlie Haden’s Quartet West  /  “Now Is The Hour”
  • FOR ALL WE KNOW  /  Kevin Mahogany   /  “Live In Torino”
  • TIME TO GO  /  Sinne Eeg  /  “Don’t Be So Blue”
  • DON’T LIKE GOODBYES  /  Diane Schuur  /  “Timeless”
  • THINK HOW IT’S GONNA BE  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Tony Bennett’s ‘Something’”
  • GOODBYE FOR NOW  /  Rigmor Gustafsson & Radio String Quartet Vienna  /  “Calling You”
  • I REMEMBERR CLIFFORD  /  Keith Jarrett Trio  /  “Still Live”
  • WHEN I’M GONE  /  Phil Ochs  /  “There But For Fortune”
  • SIGNING OFF  /  Helen Merrill  /  “You’ve Got A Date With The Blues”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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22 Mar

At times like these – perilous times, uncertain times – people turn to Turntable For One for information and advice. Clearly these are people who’ve never listened to the show before. But, okay, I can totally pretend to abandon my usual format and inveterate cynicism to talk about something serious. Social Distancing. What is it? How do I do it? And what can I do while I’m doing it? I think these songs demonstrate some of the actions and attitudes people should adopt to fill the long months ahead. I also threw in Stacey Kent and Rachael & Vilray to remind people of what we won’t be able to do, perhaps for a long, long time. A little salt never really hurts a wound, does it?

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • BY MYSELF  /  Rene Zellweger  /  “Judy-Soundtrack”
  • ALL BY MYSELF  /  Bobby Darin  /  “Oh Look At Me Now”
  • LET’S EAT HOME  /  Rosemary Clooney  /  “Still On the Road”
  • TALK TO ME  /  Freddy Cole  /  “Talk To Me”
  • SHOW ME  /  Tierney Sutton  /  “Something Cool”
  • TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT  /  Ruben Blades  /  “Una Noche Con Ruben Blades”
  • BREAKFAST ON THE MORNING TRAM  /  Stacey Kent  /  “Dreamer In Concert”
  • COME DANCE WITH ME  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Come Dance with Me”
  • SHALL WE DANCE  /  Lucy Dixon  /  “Lulu’s Back In town”
  • ME AND MY SHADOW  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Allen Ludden  /  “Sings His Favorite Songs”
  • ALONE TOGETHER  /  Alyssa Allgood  /  “Exactly Like You”
  • TV BLUES  /  Tom Rust  /  “Are We There Yet?”
  • SCRABBLE  /  Lorraine Feather  /  “Ages”
  • FLIGHT OF THE FOO BIRDS  /  The Real Group  /  “Unreal”
  • GET OUT OF TOWN  /  Madeline Eastman  /  “Mad About Madeline”
  • LET’S MAKE LOVE ON THIS PLANE  /  Rachael & Vilray  /  “Rachael & Vilray”
  • CELTIC SWING  /  Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco  /  “You’re Driving Me Crazy”
  • I’M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER  /  Paul McCartney  /  “Kisses On The Bottom”
  • SONG ABOUT THE MOON  /  Alexis Cole  /  “Dazzling Blue”
  • I REMEMBER SKY  /  Cormac Kenevey  /  “Turning Skies”
  • A TABLE SET FOR SOLITUDE  /  Dena DeRose  /  “Live At The Jazz Standard Vol. 1”
  • ET AINSI VA LA VIE  /  Sarah Lancman  /  “Parisienne”
  • WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN  /  Seth MacFarlane  /  “Once In A While”
  • LET IT BE  /  Diane Schuur  /  “Running On Faith”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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15 Jul

I noticed that I have a number of new “Tribute” CDs on my desk and I finally started listening to them instead of using them to build very unstable and loud houses of cards. I’ll tell you what I think, but you should listen to them and decide for yourselves. Let me know what you’re listening to these days, ok?

  • Diane Schuur – I Remember You – This is a tribute CD to Sinatra and Stan Getz with songs associated with one or the other or both. Diane may not be the lyric interpreter that Sinatra was, but she is every bit the inventive and indefatigable musician Getz was. She blends perfectly as another instrument with the band and it’s a very solid band, too. Best surprise for me: Diane’s unadorned, unembellished title track – just singing from her heart.
  •  Wendy Moten – Timeless: Wendy Moten Sings Richard Whiting – Most of these songs were written in the 1920s and 1930s, but you couldn’t guess that from listening to this CD. It swings, it’s tender, it’s sexy, it’s bluesy. Wendy Moten has been a back-up singer here and there; she has a few CDs under her own name, some in Contemporary R&B mode. But she’s very comfortable with jazz and ballads. There are lots of Whiting chestnuts – My Ideal, Miss Brown To You, He’s Funny That Way.  Best surprise for me: a couple of cute songs I didn’t know – It’s A Long Time Between Kisses and I Wanna Go Places And Do Things. I’ll be interested to see if she does.
  •  Janet Planet – Janet Planet Sings The Bob Dylan Songbook, Vol. 1 – Okay, I admit I cracked the cellophane on this CD with trepidation. However, this story has a (mostly) happy ending. In many of Dylan’s most powerful songs, the drone of the repeated melody forces you to pay attention to the lyrics. I find those songs proved to be too limited and confining for this jazz setting. But in songs with a stronger melody line, Janet Planet adeptly, intelligently goes to work, weaving interesting designs with her lovely voice and considerable talent for embellishing. She has moxie and takes chances and I’ll be playing her a lot when Turntable For One returns in the Fall…maybe not so often from this interesting CD.
  • Mark Winkler – The Laura Nyro Project  — Anyone paying tribute to Laura Nyro gets points from me from the start. And when the tribute CD is sincere, affectionate, and swinging — as this one is — bonus points galore! The songs, all favorites for any Laura Nyro fan, range from the slight and ethereal to the raucous and rowdy. And just about all of them really do work with a solid jazz combo  and this West Coast hipster singer. Okay, his straight-ahead jazz version of Save The Country obscures the point of this anthem which, it seems to me, has even more meaning now than when Laura Nyro wrote it about 50 years ago. But, boy, does Mark Winkler understand ballads and heartbreak! His version of Billy’s Blues haunts me every time I listen to it.  Best surprise for me: an incredibly clever mash-up of the song Time And Love and Ahmad Jamal’s classic instrumental version of Moonlight In Vermont. 

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29 Jan

“A rose by any other name” would still be a tiresome cliche, but all of tonight’s featured performers — singers and musicians — are frequently called by other names. So am I, of course, but these guys are called their various nicknames to their faces. Big difference if you like to keep track of things like that.

SONG TTLE / Performer / Album or CD title

  • OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY / Billie Holiday / “Embraceable You”
  • IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU / Frank Sinatra / “The Rare Sinatra”
  • THE TROLLY SONG / Betty Carter / “The Audience With Betty Carter”
  • THE NIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY / Milt Jackson & John Coltrane / “Bags and Trane”
  • WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW / Sarah Vaughan / “The Complete Roulette Studio Sessions”
  • BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP / Nat Cole & George Shearing / “Nat Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays”
  • LET’S FALL IN LOVE / Diane Schuur & Maynard Ferguson / “Swingin’ For Shuur”
  • SKYLARK / Jack Jones / “Jack Jones Paints A Tribute to Tony Bennett”
  • CLOSE YOUR EYES / Doris Day/Andre Previn / “Duet”
  • BLUESETTE / Mel Torme & Buddy Rich / “Mel Torme w/ The Buddy Rich Orchestra”
  • FOR MY LADY / Toots Thielemans / “Chez Toots”
  • LITTLE UNHAPPY BOY / Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley / “Nancy Willson & Cannonball Adderley”
  • SWEET SLUMBER / Jimmy Witherspoon & Jack McDuff / “The Blues Is Now”
  • PARIS MISMATCH / (theme) / Cody Owen Stine / (Unreleased Recording)