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1 May

Let’s be honest. France has seen some dark days. Some examples: Joan of Arc?  Where was Gloria Allred when we needed her? And you can’t talk about  dark days without Napoleon — the man not the dessert.  Or Vichy – the government, not the water.  And Freedom Fries – wait, no, that was our dumb mistake. And today the French are suffering through another tragic indignity – raising the national retirement age from 62 to 64. Well. I think we need to show our support and not just our incredulity for what the brave but – not over-worked -people of France going through. I presented a celebration of French singers and musicians, french songs, and songs about France. That’s right, for two hours I gave out out French Kisses this week on Turntable For One. 

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or album Title

  • I WISH YOU LOVE  /  Chloe Perrier  /  “Petite Fleur”
  • UNDER PARIS SKIES  /  Toots Thielemans  /  “Chez Toots”
  • CHEZ MOI  /  Emilie-Claire Barlow  /  “Haven’t We Met?”
  • AZURE-TE  /  Nat King Cole & George Sharing  /  “Nat King Cole Sings, George Shearing Plays”
  • MENILMONTANT  /  Avalon Jazz Band  /  “I Wish You Love”
  • WATCH WHAT HAPPENS  /  Michel LeGrand  /  ”Michel LeGrand At Sheely’s Manne-Hole”
  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE RESTOF YOUR LIFE  /  Swingle Singers  /  “Mood Swings”
  • LAVERNE WALK  /  Cyrille Aimee  /  “Let’s Get Lost”
  • I LOVE PARIS  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “Come Fly With Me”
  • NOSTALGIA IN PARIS  /  Sarah Lancman  /  “La Pouvior Des Mots”
  • GROOVIN’ HIGH  /  Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six Of Paris”  /  “Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six Of Paris”
  • APRIL IN PARIS  /  The Mighty Accordion Band  /  “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done”
  • APRIL IN PARIS  /  Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  /  “Jasz Masters #24”
  • HOW HIGH THE MOON  /  Jean-Luc Ponty, Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith  /  “Jazz Violin Summit”
  • JARDIN D’HIVER  /  Stacey Kent  /  “Dreamer In Concert”
  • BUT NOT FOR ME  /  Virginie Teychene  /  “Encore”
  • A BOUT DE SOUFFLE  /  Virginie Teychene  /  “Encore”
  • LA VIE EN ROSE  /  Tony Bennett & k.d. Lang  /  “A Wonderful World”
  • A PARIS  /  Blossom Dearie  /  “My New Celebrity Is You”
  • SOMETIME AGO  /  Michel Petrucciani & Tony Petrucciani  /  “Conversation”
  • FROM PARIS WITH LOVE  /  Melody Gardot  /  “From Paris With Love”
  • LA MARSEILLAISE  /  Jacky Terrasson  /  “A Paris”
  • AUTUMN LEAVES  /  Eva Cassidy & The London Symphony Orch.  /  “I Can Only Be Me”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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16 Feb

Sure, Valentine’s Day is for lovers. But what about all the people who don’t have someone in their lives? Who’s going to play love songs for those sad sausages? I think I took care of that with some songs especially for them.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • LOVE IS A NECESSARY EVIL  /  Jeff Hall  /  “Life, Collected”
  • DOWN WITH LOVE  /  Blossom Dearie  /  “Once Upon A Summertime”
  • THE TENDER TRAP  /  Frank Sinatra & Count Basie  /  “Sinatra/Basie: The Complete Reprise Studio Sessions”
  • VALENTINE’S DAY  /  Emilie-Claire Barlow  
  • YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS  /  Veronica Swift  /  “Lonely Woman”
  • SOMETHIN’ LIKE LOVE  /  Steven Pasquale  /  “Somethin’ Like Love”
  • THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS LOVE  /  Carmen McRae  /  “The Great American Songbook”
  • WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE  /  Willie Nelson & Nora Jones  /  “My Way”
  • LOVE, I HEAR  /  Cyrille Aimee  /  “Move On: A Sondheim Adventure”
  • I’M THROUGH WITH LOVE  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Jack Lemmon  /  “A Twist Of Lemmon”
  • MY FUNNY VALENTINE  /  Michel LeGrand  /  “Michel Legrand At Shell’s Manne-Hole”
  • EVERYBODY LOVES MY BABY  /  Duchess  /  “Laughing At Life”
  • TOO SOON TO TELL  /  Andrew Distel  /  “It Only Takes Time”
  • KNITTING CLASS  /  Nancy Wilson  /  “Turned To Blue”
  • SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME  /  Melissa Morgan  /  “Until I Met You”
  • SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME  /  Nancy Wilson  /. “Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley”
  • CLOSE ENOUGH FOR LOVE  /  Mark Murphy  /  “Memories Of You: Remembering Joe Williams”
  • CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE  /  Lyn Stanley  /  “London Calling”
  • BUT BEAUTIFUL  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Tony Perkins  /  “On A Rainy Afternoon”
  • THAT TIRED ROUTINE CALLED LOVE  /  Mary Foster Conklin  /  “Blues For Breakfast”
  • I FALL IN LOVE TOO EASILY  /  Jacky Terasson  /  “Jacky Terasson”
  • WILD IS LOVE  /  Cecile McLoren Salvant /  “The Window”
  • SAY IT  /  Kurt Elling  /  “Flirting With Twilight”
  • EV’RY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE  /  Ray Charles & Betty Carter  /  Ray Charles & Betty Carter
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine


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3 May

We celebrated International Jazz Day with some of the best jazz singers and musicians in the world. But I also invited a number of international jazz singers and radio people to say hi to my audience and introduce one of their favorite singers or important influences. A good time was had by all – especially me.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  (Country)  /  CD Or Album Title

  • YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO  Anne Ducros  /  (France)  /  “Either Way”
  • CHANGE PARTNERS  /  Ian Shaw  /  (Britain)  /  “Change Partners”
  • THEME FROM THE FLINTSTONES  /  The Metropole Orkest w/ Clark Terry  /  (Netherlands)  /  “Clark Terry & The Metropole Orchestra”
  • THE UMBRELLA MAN  /  Hetty Kate  /  (Australia)  /  “The Dan McLean Hot Six Meet Hetty Kate”
  • BLUE TURNING GREY  /  Audrey Morris  /  (U.S.A.) – Introduced by Hetty Kate  /  “The Voice Of Audrey Morris”
  • LAST NIGHT WHEN WE WERE YOUNG  /  Toots Thielemans w/ Silje Nergaard  /  (Belgium/Norway)  /  “One More For The Road”
  • STOLEN MOMENTS  /  Mark Murphy  /  (U.S.A.) – Introduced by Mark Robinson, Primetime Jazz, Radio Adelaide, South Australia)  / “The Giants Of Jazz”
  • CHEZ NOUS  /  Paris Combo  / (France)  /  “Living Room”
  • BABY PLAYS AROUND  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  (Sweden)  /   Anne Sofie Von Otter  /  “For The Stars”
  • BOY WANTED  /  Julian Yeo  /  (Australia)  /  “You & The Night”
  • LIVING WITHOUT YOU  /  Luciana Souza  /  (Brazil)  /  “The New Bossa Nova”
  • SIMON SMITH & HIS AMAZING DANCING BEAR  /  Mark Jennett  /  (Britain)  “Everybody Says Don’t”
  • HAVEN’T WE MET  /  Kenny Rankin  /  (U.S.A.) – Introduced by Mark Jennett  /  “Silver Morning”
  • CRY IF YOU WANT TO  /  Holly Cole  /  (Canada)  /  “The Best Of Holly Cole”
  • CELINE DION  /  The Arrogant Worms  /  (Canada)  /  The Best Of The Arrogant Worms”
  • I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING  /  London Gay Big Band w/ Claire Martin  /  (Britain)  /  “Brave”
  • STARS FELL ON ALABAMA  /  Rita Payes & Joan Chamorra  /  (Spain) – Introduced by Virginia of Virginiamusic.eu  /  “Joan Chamorro Presenta Rita Payes”
  • MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME  /  Delicatessen  /  (Brazil)  /  “My Baby Just Cares For Me”                    
  • SONG FOR GENE  /  Accent  /  (U.S.A., Canada, Britain, Sweden, France)
  • FASCINATIN’ RHYTHM  /  The Hi-Lo’s  /  (U.S.A.) – Introduced by Accent  /  “All That Jazz”
  • YOU TURN ME ON BABY  /  Fay Claassen & WDR Big Band, Cologne  /  The Netherlands)  /  “Sing!”
  • HOMMAGE A LILI BOULANGER  /  Jacky Terrasson  /  (France)  /  “Jacky Terrasson”
  • VOILA C’EST FINI  /  Liane Foly  /  (France)  “Croonuese”
  • GOODBYE FOR NOW  /  Rigmor Gustafsson & Radio String Quartet Vienna  /  (Sweden)  /  “Calling You”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine  (U.S.A.)

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15 Nov

In an attempt to answer some of life’s biggest questions (and who isn’t trying these days?), I brought in a new consultant for the evening (pictured below). It didn’t help much. 

H. With New Consultant

But before the usual silliness began, I opened the show with Jacky Terrasson’s exquisite, heartbreaking La Marseillaise, just in case there was a heart somewhere not broken enough.

SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title



  • LA MARSEILLAISE  /  Jacky Terrasson  /  “A Paris”  
  • HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN?  /  Cyrille Aimee  /  “Cyrille Aimee & The Surreal Band”
  • WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE  /  Kenny Rankin  /  “Haven’t We Met?”
  • DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS?  /  Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm  /  “Spark” 
  • JUST YOU, JUST ME  /  Sinne Eeg & Curtis Stigers  /  “Remembering You” 
  • SHOULD I SURRENDER  /  Shirley Horn  /  “Loving You” 
  • WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Rita Wilson  /  “AM/FM”
  • WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?  /  Lily Frost  /  “Too Hot For Words”   
  • SOPHISTICATED LADY  /  Mayte Alguacil  /  “Day By Day”   
  • WE GOT TO PUT THE SUN BACK IN THE SKY  /  Roberta Donnay  /  “Bathtub Gin”
  • MY IDEAL  /  Mose Allison  /  “The Earth Wants You”
  • ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  /  Betty Carter & Carmen McRae  /  “The Carmen McRae/Betty Carter Duets”
  • HOW DO YOU KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYING?  /  Tony Bennett  /  “The Art Of Excellence” 
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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PLAYLIST FOR “BREAKING NEWS” (4.11.15) #jazz #jazzradio #jazzvocalists #prx

13 Apr

Every story on the cable news channels is presented as BREAKING NEWS! The hype and hyperbole were driving me crazy…until I remembered why they’re doing it – to keep the audience interested, tuned in, and awake. Hey, that’s exactly what I want, too. So I presented every song this week as a BREAKING NEWS story, everything from breaking news about Justin Bieber (“I Won’t Grow Up”) to a home invasion (“The Three Bears”) to a new statement from Edward Snowden to America (“You’d Be So Nice To Come Home to”) to the discovery of the Fountain Of Youth (“Young At Heart”). Maybe I didn’t get all the stories right, but isn’t that the hallmark of BREAKING NEWS: get it fast, not right?


 SONG TITLE  /  Artist  /  CD Or Album Title

  • IT’S TOO DARN HOT  /  Mel Torme  /  “Swings Shubert Alley”
  • LET’S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF  /  Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  /  “Ella & Louis”
  • YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “A Swingin’ Affair”
  • I WON’T GROW UP  /  Jamie Cullum  /  “From The Vaults”
  • TRAFFIC AND WEATHER  /  Lorraine Feather  /  “Language”
  • THREE BEARS  /  Mark Winkler  /  “Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup”
  • BROOKLYN BRIDGE  /  Hilary Gardner  /  “The Great City”
  • TAKE ME OUT OT THE BALL GAME  /  Mandy Patinkin  /  “Mamaloshen”
  • TAKE ME OUT OT THE BALL GAME  /  Sophie Milman  /  “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”
  • I APOLOGIZE  /  Kevin Mahogany  /  “My Romance”
  • I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN  /  Rigmor Gustafsson & Jacky Terrasson  /  “Close To You”
  • WILD MAN ON THE LOOSE  /  Mose Allison  /  “Lessons In Living”
  • B LUE SKIES  /  Veronneau  /  “Joy Of Living”
  • BE CAREFUL IT’S MY HEART  /  Delicatessen  /  “My Baby Just Cares for Me”
  • YOUNG AT HEART  /  Cyrille Aimee  /  “It’s A Good Day”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine

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27 May

In case any of the music I played last night falls in any categories of things you don’t know…


SONG TITLE  /  Arist  /  CD or Album Title

  • YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS   /  Kurt Elling  /  “Flirting With Twilight”
  • I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOU  /  Dinah Washington  /  “Dinah Washington Ballads”
  • I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS  /  Ray  Charles  /  “I’m All yours, Baby”
  • I DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT YOU  /  Delicatessen  /  “Goodnight Kiss”
  • I DON’T KNOW WHY  /  Tony Bennett  /  “Tony Makes It Happen”
  • DON’T KNOW WHY  /  Norah Jones  /  “Come Away With Me”
  • HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON  /  (Mystery Vocalist)  /  Jerry Jeff Walker  /  “Jerry Jeff Jazz”
  • WILL HE LIKE ME?  /  Barbra Streisand  /  “The Concert: Highlights”
  • OH LOOK AT ME NOW  /  Frank Sinatra  /  “A Swingin’ Affair”
  • HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN  /  Dena DeRose  /  “A Walk In The Park”
  • I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF  /  Rigmor Gustafsson/Jacky Terrasson Trio  /  “Close To You”
  • PARIS MISMATCH  /  (Theme Music)  /  Cody Owen Stine  /  (Unreleased Master)